Your Journey

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  • Frequent daily flights from UK airports to Istanbul 
  • Cost effective flights compared to  Antalya
  • Get your E-Visa within a minute

You will not only get your free smile back with us, you will also get to know Augusta, Antonina, Nova Roma, Byzantion, Byzantium, Constantinople and finally Istanbul…

All these names brings the mysterious and enchanting history of the city. With all the history behind Istanbul offers a combination of the old and modern city.  Our UK based team will work with you to create your ultimate travel guide during your treatment. 


These exciting names reminds the mysterious and enchanting past of the city. Istanbul can be considered as the combination of the old and modern city, as well as Islamic and Mediterranean mixture of cultures in a captivating atmosphere. There are only a few cities in the world that can be so delightful to experience and enjoy as Istanbul.


Istanbul leaves an unforgettable memories for its travellers, with its colorful local city life and dynamic nightlife. Perfect silhouette of the combines historical sites and monuments such as Roman aqueducts, Byzantine churches, Venetian towers, Ottaman palaces from the Byzantine, Ottaman and Turkish periods. You will fall in love with the Historical Peninsula and the Bosphorus which is close proximity to our dental clinic. 

Let us get your free smile back and offer you an unforgettable holiday during your treatment in Istanbul.